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1590.8937 Tecnology: A2.1.1.2:Threephase alternator

  • The three-phase generator - also known as "alternator" - is an induction machine operated as a generator that produces a speed-dependent three-phase alternating current using an electrical field. Since the electrical system is designed as a DC power system, this three-phase voltage must still be rectified. The control technology also comes into play: the voltage level should remain constant independently of the engine speed – the hybrid multifunction controller handles this.
  • In this educational system, a three-phase electric motor drives the compact alternator. The generator itself has power diodes on 4 mm safety sockets for measurement and interruption that are just as accessible as the three-phase winding.
  • The excitation current and the voltage can be captured on the connection plate, and connections are available
    • to the battery monitoring (sensing)
    • to the load and error detection, and
    • to the rotation speed detection.
  • The generator's output voltage can be led as a function of temperature or by the engine control unit.
  • In connection with lighting components, special high-current loads and a vehicle battery, the complete electrical system can be assembled!

    Ilustracion y Componentes: A2.1.1.2 Threephase alternator

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